The OrthoLite® Hybrid ™ formulation is our newest game-changing eco-friendly technology. We developed our unique patent-pending formula by blending production waste foam, recycled rubber, and proprietary open-cell foam. The benefit—reduce waste and close the loop while delivering on the OrthoLite® comfort and performance promise.

OrthoLite® Hybrid innovation™

  • At OrthoLite®, we’re always pushing our innovation further—in how our products perform and how they impact the environment. Responding to the consumer demand for environmentally responsible products, our new OrthoLite® Hybrid™ is a true game-changing technology.
  • This new patent pending formulation uniquely blends 5% recycled rubber, 15% production waste foam and 80% proprietary open-cell foam. OrthoLite® Hybrid™ goes the distance and retains all the performance attributes OrthoLite® is known for—with less impact on the environment. It means using less petroleum and less energy, while adding less to the landfill. And it means all the comfort your consumers expect—with the eco-friendly features they demand.
  • OrthoLite® Hybrid™ is ideal for a wide range of applications where cushioning and performance are critical—including insole, strobel, and upper applications. The hybrid formulation creates a cooler, drier environment inside the footwear,so consumers can feel and perform their best. It also supports your brand’s sustainability goals—giving you a great opportunity to tell your consumers why you’ve chosen OrthoLite®.


  • Formulation: Hybrid
  • MOQ: Standard
  • Launch Date: At once
  • Density: 0.12 g/cm3
  • Thickness: 2mm-20mm (*Thickness tolerance +/- 0.3mm)
  • Hardness: 25° Asker C (*Hardness tolerance +/-4° Asker C)
  • Sheet Size:
    110cm x 200cm
    110cm x 170cm
    110cm x 147cm
  • Color: Seed Pearl with variable color flecks
  • Test Results: Mesh 1-Completed testing and approved
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