Extending the Benefits of OrthoLite Foam Technologies

OrthoLite would like to assist you in improving the comfort and performance of your footwear and other non-footwear products which could benefit from the addition of OrthoLite foam technologies. Please send us an e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and an OrthoLite representative will be in touch with you.

Die CuT & Molding

  • Die-cut OrthoLite is the most cost-effective way of adding all of the OrthoLite comfort and performance features into your shoes.
  • We can provide you with die-cut insoles in any of our formulations.
Die Cut

Single-Density Molded

  • OrthoLite formulations can be molded into virtually any shape with detailed design on the top or the bottom of the sockliner.
  • Helps tell a performance story or simply add eye appeal to your shoes.
  • Single-density molded insoles are cost effective and upgrade the performance of your product dramatically compared to traditional EVA or PU products.
Single Density

Dual-Layer Molded

  • Multiple layers of OrthoLite foams can be molded together to create a custom fit story and exceptional cushioning every time you step into the shoe.
  • OrthoLite formulations such as .11 density, .13 density, EcoOrthoLite, EcoPlush or X-40 can be used as a supportive base.
  • Then the top layer of either Lazy Recovery Foam or Impressions creates the ‘Ahh factor’ performance of step-in comfort or customized fit as the foam takes the shape of your foot.
Dual Layered

Multi-Density Molded

  • Molded OrthoLite insoles can be designed to tell a very specific story by combining various formulations on different areas of the sockliner.
  • X-40 pads can be added in the ball or heel to create target areas with exceptional energy return.
  • A rigid heel cup of .15 density, 45° Asker C can be added to create added stability.
  • An arch cookie of Lazy Recovery Foam can be designed to create better arch support and customized fit.
Multi-Density Molded