“Ran 30 minutes this morning with my English Setter on the trails. My OrthoLite insoles are so comfy in my new shoes. Love ‘em!”
— Nancy Hobbs, Executive Director of the American Trail Running Association

“I have just received my new shoes for the year and am using one set of OrthoLite insoles for tournament play and one for practice and giving lessons. They seem to make a big difference. Racquetball requires a lot of hard steps and lunges at the last second and they really help reduce the impact. I have begun advising the higher level players I practice with of the benefits of the insoles and will continue to get the word around.”
— Shaun Manning, Competitive Racquetball Player

“When I first put OrthoLite into my shoes, I didn’t think of much difference between those and the insoles that were already in my shoes. When I put my foot in, I actually felt like I was sticking my foot into a new shoe!”
— Julie Duong, A Case of the Runs

“These insoles are amazing and great for walks now that the winter is over!”
— Marg Peart, Blogger

“These are by far the best product I have ever seen in a shoe.”
— Steven Karp, Customer

“OrthoLite insoles are the most comfortable insoles I have ever worn and I would like to add them to my other shoes.”
— Michelle Stonesifer, Customer

“I am constantly taking OrthoLite insoles and putting them in every shoe I have.”
— Lisa Jo Epstein, Customer

“I ordered a pair of the Fusion for my Tom’s slip-on shoes, because my feet seem to get exceptionally stinky. The insoles are remarkably comfortable and keep feeling great all day, week after week.”
— Darin Cavellero, Customer

“I put these in my running shoes and they are so super comfy! I feel like I could run a marathon in them.”
— Christin Banda, ABCD Diaries

“I feel the OrthoLite Fusion insole offers just the right amount of support for my foot without compromising my natural stride.”
— Jill Forsythe, Lehigh Valley Running Scene

“I have two pairs of Eco Sneaks by Simple that have your Eco Series insoles and I love them. It’s great news that you are selling insoles over the web. Many of my friends wear the Simple shoes and I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear that their shoes’ life spans can be extended.”
— Joe Topea, Customer

“The truth is that I like OrthoLite insoles so much that I wanted a pair for my Merrells.”
— Darrell Laremore, Customer

“I LOVE the fact that OrthoLite contains a patented anti-microbial formulation to fight fungus, bacteria, and odor in the shoe. The males in my house pass stinky athletes foot back and forth to each other!”
— Terre, Customer

“I am in the U.S. Army and I love the OrthoLite insoles.”
— Rob Morris, United States Armed Forces

“I just purchased a pair of Vans. What prompted me to try them on was the OrthoLite insole decal attached to the eyelets. They are without a doubt, the most comfortable pair of sneakers I have ever purchased in my entire life and are superior in comfort due to your product!!! It’s like walking on a cloud of memory foam!!!”
— D. Privett, Customer

“I love that OrthoLite allows air to circulate around the foot, keeping your foot cooler inside the shoe - I work 12 hour shifts and am on my feet the whole time and they get so hot!”
— Diane, Customer

“OrthoLite insoles are truly outstanding both in terms of comfort and support. The first time I wore them was in a pair of Salomon hiking boots. Over the past two years, I wore those boots into the ground. I realized it was the OrthoLite that was offering me support, comfort and a snug fit. These features have not been matched in the numerous other boots with different insoles that I have tried. Remarkably when I inserted my tattered old OrthoLites into other brands, those boots became more comfortable.”
— Richard Cohen, Documentary Filmmaker

“My mother just recently purchased a pair of Keds with your OrthoLite comfort foam insoles and she loves them! She just purchased them a few days ago and has been raving about them ever since!”
— Tracey Deane, Customer

“I am writing in reference to the wonderful OrthoLite insoles. I have owned a pair of Dr. Martens shoes that have your insoles. They are the most comfortable shoes ever!”
— Christa Tenorio, Customer

“This is by far the best insert I have ever used in a running shoe! The combination of the OrthoLite and the Rub-Thane pads are supportive, comfortable, washable, and durable. I love this insert.”
— John D. Galuska, Runner

“The OrthoLite insole in the Vans AV56 shoe makes them the most skate-able shoe I’ve owned. I’ve been wearing Vans for almost 30 years and I’ve always loved the classics. The OrthoLite insole combined with the Vans vulcanized rubber sole provides (in my opinion) the best grip plus most comfort of any shoe I’ve skated. As a skater approaching my 40s, having these shoes is a huge benefit because it means I can continue to skate my favorite shoe and get additional support, since I don’t have the “rebound” I did as a youth. I’ve never liked an insole as much as I like the OrthoLite in Vans.”
— Rob Bellomy, Skateboarder

“So I definitely wanted to see how OrthoLite insoles held up in my winter boots. And they are AWESOME! When I put my boots on, they felt new again! They were super cushion-y and my feet no longer hurt at the end of the day like they did before.”
— Crystal Martin, Cinnamon Hollow Reviews

“I purchased a pair of Salomon 2XA shoes for adventure racing and quickly fell in love with the OrthoLite insoles that were in these shoes. I have now been trading them back and forth from the Salomon shoes and my Adidas running shoes because I like the insoles so much.”
— Peter Haynes, Customer

“OrthoLite is made out of partially recycled rubber which is wonderful.”
— J. Charisma, Customer

“Just wanted to let you know that I continue to love the OrthoLite insoles and use them primarily in my biking shoes as well as everyday Merrell mocs. It has really made a difference in my biking shoes since my toes used to hurt by the end of 56 miles. During races I felt like I was wearing slippers.”
— Naira Chokel, Biker

“My feet couldn’t be happier with these insoles! Words can’t express how pleased I am with this quality product, not to mention the anti-microbial properties are the best I’ve experienced (comes in handy during field conditions). Additionally, I’ve recommended these insoles to all my fellow brothers and sisters in arms.”
— Joshua Schaad, United States Armed Forces

“I recently purchased Salomon trail running shoes and they are, without a doubt, the most comfortable shoe I have ever run in. Unbelievable support and the insole seems to mold to my foot. I have never felt anything like them before.”
— Hal Long, Customer

“I just today received a pair of boots I had ordered that has your insoles in them. They are wonderful.”
— Eric Deitz, Customer