In its ImpressionsEcoOrthoLite, and EcoPlush formulations, OrthoLite replaces the petroleum based PU with bio-oil PU by adding castor oil. Castor oil is a non-food plant source that demonstrates significant ecological advantages in terms of energy and resource consumption, according to PU Magazine.

OrthoLite continues to invest in ongoing technology and research in support of producing sustainable products.

Consumers want brands to responsibly create high quality products with less environmental impact.

  • OrthoLite built its own factory and developed in-house environmentally friendly formulations using castor oil to manufacture bio-based insoles.
  • Castor oil comes from castor beans – a non-food source that doesn’t compete with food crops.
  • Castor beans can be grown in difficult, arid environments and requires little rainfall or maintenance to succeed.
  • Castor oil is non-toxic and quickly biodegradable.
  • Castor beans are considered a “rapidly renewable material” according to the US Green Building Council.
  • OrthoLite's environmentally friendly formulations – EcoOrthoLite, Impressions, and EcoPlush – feature 5% – 48% bio-based content, respectively.
  • Response from customers and business partners has been very positive.
  • OrthoLite produces nearly 30 million bio-friendly insoles each year.