Global Leader
  • OrthoLite’s advanced, proprietary polyurethane formula with recycled rubber content delivers a combination of benefits unmatched by any other insole manufacturer.
  • Shoe designers and engineers specify the comfort and performance of OrthoLite insoles and linings in order to improve the quality of their footwear and deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • OrthoLite open-cell foam technology can be found in more than 400 million pairs of athletic, casual, dress, work, and outdoor shoes each year.
  • OrthoLite can be found inside virtually every major footwear brand. In addition to shoe insoles and linings, OrthoLite foam’s superior technology can be used in clothing, sporting equipment, backpacks and furniture.

Fast Facts About Ortholite:

  • Founded in 1997, OrthoLite’s mission is:
    to provide high quality and comfortable shoe insoles and support the unique structure of the foot.
  • The company’s foam technologies can also be used in clothing, sporting equipment, backpacks and furniture.
  • OrthoLite is the foam insole category leader for producing sustainable products – replacing the petroleum based PU with bio-oil PU.
  • OrthoLite is a global company with sales offices in the United States, Vietnam, Asia and Europe as well as manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea.
  • The company also maintains a Research & Development Center in China.
  • OrthoLite is a product of O2 Partners LLC, headquartered in Amherst, MA.
  • OrthoLite continues to introduce proprietary foam formulations such as:

    Lazy Recovery Foam – conforms to the foot and instantly rebounds to original shape.

    Impressions – this slow recovery foam takes the shape of the foot over time.

    X-40 High Rebound – boasts an elasticity rating to over 40%.

    ESD Static Control – protects against accumulation of static build up.

    ECO OrthoLite – environmentally friendly, bio-based formulation.

    ECOPlush – a plush ride with a higher level of green.

    3D Skive – foam cutting technology – creates the sensation of walking on air.

    IMPERIAL – a new level of cushing in a thin insole.

    IMPERIALplus – the highest rebound OrthoLite foam.